In simple terms, what is the data·green API Gateway?

Simply put, data·green provides a REST API (the data·green API Gateway) that standardizes the access and data model across a multitude of data sources. If you are an application vendor or marketer who works with multiple licensed operators, you've probably already encountered this scenario: one set of operations uses a point-of-sale (PoS) or seed-to-sale (S2S) system that provides data in a completely different format and integration approach (push? pull?) than you get from your other operators who use a different system. The same is true of state track-and-trace (TnT) systems. There are dozens of PoS and S2S vendors - and several TnT vendors each with unique jurisdictional implementations - and the number is rapidly growing. The problem gets worse with each new company that makes the move into the fastest growing sector of the economy.

data·green works with software vendors to define a common data model and provide a single API that can be used to access all necessary data sources in one, standard format. We work with industry associations to formalize a standard data interchange format, a lingua franca of the budding industry.

Does it help?

In such a rapidly growing industry, it's hard to envision what developers will imagine and build. The obvious benefits fall to those who collect/produce data (Pos, S2S, TnT vendors) and those who consume it (app developers, marketing companies). Data consumers face the issue of having countless integrations to develop and keep up with. Imagine you're building an app to let users search nearby retailers for products. There are two immediate problems: first, you have to spend R&D hours integrating with the dozens of PoS systems that each operation might be using, and second, each of those systems will return data in a different format and with different query/filtering capabilities. It's an almost insurmountable task, and most importantly, it is a situation which prevents building value in terms of business differentiation. It's a plumbing issue, not end-user value. Data providers can leverage data·green to provide that common format to consumers, leveraging their existing development investment. In the end, whatever this burgeoning industry does create can include each of the data providers that stands behind data·green.

Does it provide access to all PoS, S2S and TnT systems?

We have integrated with the larger vendor systems and are continually investing in integrating with more. Contact us to find out our full list of integrations and which are coming next.

Do I get access to all of your data?

No! Sorry, but the data to which you have access must be explicitly allowed by the source system (ie. store owner, cultivator, etc).

How do I get access to my partners' data?

Once you've registered with data·green, you have access to an admin portal that lets you manage users, API keys (to call our services), and your data sources. Each different type of system requires credentials or authorization of a different sort; when you add a new source or update an existing one, the site walks you through the required information for connecting to that source. Once you've added a new source, your API calls will include data from any added sources.

Is the data real-time?

It's as real-time as we can make it. The different source systems take different approaches to provide their data. Some provide push-based, always-up-to-date data feeds, and some require queries for point-in-time data. Some make no guarantee at all about the liveliness of the data (especially in the realm of track-and-trace systems, where cultivation and retail systems might do periodic batch updates). We do everything in our power to make sure the data we serve up is as close to real-time as possible.

What do I have to install to use the data·green API Gateway?

Nothing. The data·green API Gateway is hosted in a secure cloud environment. Where is makes sense, we actually provision data collectors in an availability zone as close as possible to the back-end systems with which we integrate. Every millisecond counts.

Can I get access to your API documentation?

Of course! You can find our full documentation of our (current) API here.

What clients do you provide?

The consumption of data through the API Gateway is done using only HTTP, providing a consistent REST-style interface, fully documented with Swagger, that can be consumed in any language. Since the API is fully described, we also provide pre-built libraries generated by swagger-codegen.

How do I get access?

Contact us at partners@data-green.com to get access to an account, which will give you the developer documentation, API keys, and instructions for getting started.

How do I get help/support?

Contact us at partners@data-green.com to get help with using the API.